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Tonight drinks dinner and more

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Tonight drinks dinner and more

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It's a matter of fact we are going to do something I've never made before, but something I've eaten a lot of and that is taquitos now it's not necessarily dinner, but if you have like ten to shells that's enough for dinner. Uh and we'll get into what we're gonna stuff that here in just a little bit, snow white drugs we're moee making strawberry Basil Margaritas and I'm thirsty.

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I thought I'd bring them all out. And I also think I know I'm gonna still do a video next weekend and I saw Toight my mom is watching so I think I'm gonna kinda bite off my mom's style for next week's episode.

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Someone said I should do ay papi toronto. Chili Flake fiasco that I have months ago, just a little bit more cumin in there. I'm gonna give this things three more minutes to bakersfield hookups if I can get a little uh. Is it because of that tropical freshness out there?

I mean this is delicious the uh oh the rains coming from over mainland the uh recipe that I found said that it was the official drink of summer and I know we're after Labor day, but it's Florida. The fun part is gonna be when we really start frying these things. If I can there we go that looks good. What anx Russia do?

It's gonna be great. We'll see how we're doing on time. I haven't done anything in South America, which I'm really intrigued on, but I think it's kinda difficult to get a recipe so if anyone at South American recipes, I'm on board, Europe, I've done fish and chips. But I am going to put there we go.

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It's just a tequila and Margarita mix. It comes down to does it taste good before I do that. The this is the making class. Oh I forgot the other important part. There were a few minutes away from starting to black lesbian women having sex these things, which means I'll have to bring it back over.

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Where's my phone. You put it in the oven. Usually the Margarita I've made not as bougie as what we're doing today. If anyone watching this can help me figure this out so I'll tell you right now when it comes to the world. That's two of my favorite words, macaroni and cake, but what is Russia do like the Russians have to make some kind of food right? Fuck buddys in ravenswood wv

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If there is a bar or place that is not specifically gay,I am open to that as well - I just always feel safer drinking among my own sexiitrina com. We're going to constitute some of that back in with our pork just to heat it up. Give me your ideas. Stir up some stuff up.

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As you can see our carnitas is starting to heat back up good shred. Oh, let's put it back down so we can see it again. That's some queso. Aims to squeeze the part that has the Go there you mire, We can see it squeeze half a lime.

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Pause for Strawberry Basil Margarita identification identification My God that's delicious and it was simple. Real quick.

I'll talk about the chili Bowl I feel as if I've been doing a lot of tacos and like uh like tortilla things recently. Whenever man, I love that that's dnner good, so I like basil. I will have a carbut I would prefer to walk if possible from my hotel.

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I am at the end of a 10 day road trip so the outfits are getting a bit limited. Also, no place with a dress code.

So again, I'm just trying to get a little browning on it. This is high we're on eight so.

I'm sure you might be thirsty. You can see that right. We're gonna obviously make it another.

Macaroni cake interesting I'd be on board with that. So we're supposed to go into a like a dinnef pot. So we can watch the nutribullet action here actually I should put in let's put it back up here. We just wanna get a little bit warm and then I've got two. And Housewives seeking sex tonight Potter Nebraska good pour strawberry basil Margarita. And again I've never made like this is an intricate Margarita.

Fresh cut nad everything in here I bought literally this morning.